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“I was really nervous about being on camera. I had generally been a private person, in my life. And as a life coach, I knew that I would need to be able to get my message out to my potential clients, in a more effective way. There was ease, I got real results in this process, in a short period of time… it’s been so valuable to my business.”

— Ashwini N, happy customer

“I think that what Aaron has to offer is really a fit for so many different people, in terms of what you might be looking for. Because of the coaching component, and really helping with the mindset around creating video, or being creative in general, as well as the ability to share, or influence, when it comes to marketing, or advertising, or script writing. It’s like a whole package, all in one person. He’s not going to do it for you. He’s going to show you how to do it. And he’s going to show you how to tweak it, in a way that may bring more clarity internally, and really influence the product that you create.”

— Dena George, happy customer